Ben Longdon 2Ben Longdon – Principal Investigator

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Katherine Roberts – Post Doc

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Megan Wallace – Post Doc

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Ryan Imrie – PhD student

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Sarah Walsh – PhD student

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Co-supervised students

Samantha Treagus – Co-supervised PhD student (based at CEFAS)



Wafa Al Arimi – Co-supervised CEFAS PhD student (based at CEFAS)



Tullio Maia – Co-supervised PhD student (based in Geography at Exeter Streatham campus)



Former lab members

Camila Beraldo 2017-2018. Visiting MSc student from Rodrigo Cogni’s lab at the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. Now a PhD student with Anne Duplouy at the University of Helsinki.




Elizabeth Duxbury 2016-2018. Post Doc (Cambridge – Co-supervised with Frank Jiggins)

Now a postdoc with Alexei Maklakov, UEA.




Jon Day 2013-2018. Research assistant (Cambridge – Co-supervised with Frank Jiggins)

Now a postdoc with Frank Jiggins, Cambridge.

Liz and Jon worked on a joint project between myself and Frank Jiggins looking at how genetic variation in host susceptibility differs between natural and non-natural viruses