Hongbo Sun 孙 红波

China Scholarship Council and University of Exeter PhD Student

2021-Centre for Ecology and Conservation, University of ExeterCSC-Exeter PhD Student with Ben Longdon and Ben Raymond
2018-2021Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; University of Chinese Academy of SciencesMSc Genetics
2014-2018Inner Mongolia UniversityBSC Bioengineering & BSC English

I am a China Scholarship Council and University of Exeter Scholarship funded PhD student. My research will be focused on susceptibility to different pathogens across host species and how these pathogens interact with the host microbiome. The research will use an insects and their natural viruses as a model system to understand the evolutionary processes underlying pathogens jumping between host species. I am interested in the field of microbiome, virology and vaccine research.